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Sonja P. Poitier


Sonja Was an intricate part of Daughters of Esther for more than 7 years.

She served as a core member and played a vital role in keeping the ministry operating efficiently.


She provided as a prayer intercessor, minister, co-host of Ladies In Conversation; Spiritually Speaking and generously gave of her time in other areas voluntarily or whenever needed.


Sonja’s smile was pure and glowing

Her laughter was sweet and infectious

Her every heart beat to give and serve others

Her personality was alluring

And her soul consistently thirsted after the true and living God!


Upon first glance, her outward beauty was undeniable but drawing nearer to her spirit, her grace radiated even the more from within.


Indeed, she was one of the most reserved beings that anyone could ever meet. Sonja truly underestimated the extent of her own appeal for she didn’t realize just how deeply her charm affected so many. That’s just how humble she was.


Sonja transitioned into heaven

Leaving a gaping hole in every heart of her DOE family members.

As we continue to bind together collectively repairing our wounds while missing her terribly in the natural, we still rejoice and feel honored to have known and loved her.


An angelic presence she is now and remains with us always. She can never be replaced and certainly will never be forgotten.

Ladies In Conversation - Remembering Sonja Poitier

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